-“Shaun Jay has studied with our school for many years. His energy and professionalism will impress you. I consider him among the best young magicians in the country. His show will delight your senses and expand your mind!”

   Jeff McBride: Celebrity Magician, VH1 Celebracadabra Judge,

   Vegas Headliner, and Founder of the Magic and Mystery School

- “After seeing your performance, the first word that came to mind was WOW!...You were able to grab and keep the attention of almost 100 first graders for and hour!...You have a special gift and I see a great future in you."

   Thomas Carr: School Counselor of Cameron Park Elementary

- “Shaun was very sharp and witty! He was great at keeping the audience of kids and adults engaged throughout the show....Everyone left inspired and amused.”

   Kidzu Museum