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Creator of The Mr. Beast Ryan Trahan Penny

One of Shaun’s many passions is 3D design and 3D printing. He uses these makerspace skills to create many of his own original props and illusions that end up in his show. His original creations help set him apart from other performers and stand out to event planners.  

The Mr. Beast and Ryan Trahan team reached out to Shaun when Ryan was filming his viral “Penny Challenge” video series for Youtube to build the giant penny that ended up being a gift for Mr. Beast! Currently, the video that Shaun’s penny has appeared in has amassed over 20 million views and counting!

The penny was about 3ft in diameter and weighed 20lbs!

Rave Reviews and More Video

“We wanted to express our applause for a job done SO EXTREMELY WELL! Our orientation leaders loved every minute of your show….The students praised how wonderful your act was. Thank you again for a fabulous night of entertainment!”

– Elon University



Shaun is an accomplished speaker, performer, and TV personality as seen on MasterChef Season 4 and several seasons of the hit primetime TV magic show Masters of Illusion on the CW Network.

Recently, he was hired to perform for the entire Nash County School board to help promote their school nutrition initiatives and recognize the hard work of their employees. (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO)

Using the magic of 3D design, 3D printing, and other maker space skills, Shaun has created a unique and interactive show that has been honed over the past 21 years. 

He also combines his love for healthy eating in his presentation with multiple acts involving food items such as celery and oranges.

Shaun believes in the magic of following your dreams and has been able to achieve many of his dreams that he has set in his mind. 

His show serves as an inspiration to the students as future leaders and entrepreneurs.


School Show Demo Video

Below is just a small sample of some of the many magical moments in Shaun's interactive presentation for the Nash County School Board that will be a hit with your students and staff!

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