Shaun Jay



Host for virtual events

Why Choose Shaun Jay As Your Virtual Event Host?

We’ve found that some of the biggest challenges large online conferences face these days are: interaction, retention, and taking ACTION after the actual conference.


Shaun interacts with your audience live and in real - time, keeping them on their toes and alert.


Shaun's charismatic and dynamic style combined with world class sleight of hand magic will keep your audience locked into the program.


Shaun will consult with you and your team prior to the event to make sure that he weaves your main message and action points into his presentation so that he can link everything together into one seamless presentation.

Keep Your Attendees Zoomed In NOT Zoomed Out!

“Zoom fatigue” is actually becoming a thing now because of the lack of interaction which decreases retention (everyone is bored) and then compounds to nobody caring or taking any action due to the event not holding their attention or exciting enough to make attendees care!

Shaun can help in all of these areas because Shaun is a dynamic and interactive speaker/host with plenty of on-camera experience from his multiple national TV appearancesĀ under his beltĀ that can tie the whole event together, weaving the main message or several messages into his presentation.

He uses cutting edge sleight of hand magic, a dynamic and engaging personality, and on point presentation skills to keep your event smoothly moving along with ease.

Stop your employees from “zooming out” and book Shaun Jay for your next online event!

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