Shaun Jay



Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual Magic Shows

Here is a recent screenshot from one of Shaun’s virtual magic shows.

Virtual Magic Shows For Virtual Happy Hour

Imagine teleporting a “special surprise finale guest” into your next Zoom meeting or virtual happy hour as a way to thank your employees and co-workers for their loyal support! At a date and time set by you, Shaun can join your online conference and surprise your employees for 10min of INTERACTIVE and award winning sleight of hand magic during his show. Shaun will interact with you and your guests LIVE and in REAL TIME and it will be guaranteed to be the positive highlight to bookend the meeting. There will be new magic every appearance, so if everyone loves it and wants to see more (they will), you can always bring Shaun back the week after and see a completely new performance!

Virtual Magic Shows For Virtual Meetings

Shaun Jay is also an accomplished keynote speaker. If you are looking for more educational programming for your company, The Magic of Customer Service virtual keynote is perfect for this scenario. Customer service is very important and magical, when done correctly. It can easily be the one deciding factor that can make or break sales.

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